"Carnivore" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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The subject of an unethical science experiment, this marvel of modern technology is the perfect killing machine. With human intelligence, the strength of a gorilla, and the killer instinct of nature's most feared predators, he's always on the hunt for blood. Developed to terrorize enemy states, he's slipped out the back door of the research lab, and is on the loose in your town. Don't test your luck by staying out after dark, lest you encounter this carnivorous creature. Quick to strike and deliver a fatal blow, the light reflected in his two beady eyes hovering behind a bush will probably be the last thing you ever see.

The Carnivore Collector Halloween mask is a premium over the head design that will provide a seamless look when worn with a button up shirt. Hand haired, detailed and painted by the experts at The Horror Dome, this mask will make an incredibly frightful costume, and a valuable addition to any collection of ghoulish goods. With sharp-lookin teeth, a grotesque tongue, and maniacal eyes, it's truly a creature to behold. Freak out kids on the hayride, or get down animal-style at that bumping party in this amazing product.

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