"Carnivore" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

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Run home from the forest and lock the front door, or become the next meal of the fierce Carnivore. No one is quite sure if he's a demonic spawn of the underworld, or the result of a bio-engineering experiment that wen horribly wrong. One thing's for certain; he hungers for warm flesh. Will he eat his fill of deer in the woods and rats in the sewer? Or will he come sneaking around your house, waiting silently for the perfect time to pounce. This Carnivore Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a movie-quality creation. A full bodysuit, you'll terrorize local trick or treaters with long, menacing claws, and teeth that appear razor sharp, and ready to chomp down on an unsuspecting victim. Set up a haunted house full of animal oddities with the Carnivore as the main attraction, or make a lasting impression at the next raging costume party.

Carnivore Includes:

  • Deluxe Oversized Mask
  • Hands with movable fingers
  • Carnivore Feet

The Carnivore is a halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.