"Caretaker" HD Studios Night Terror Halloween Costume

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When morbid curiosity gets the best of you, you venture into a nightmarish realm. Let The Caretaker be your guide as you discover a demonic underworld of damned souls and eternal suffering. The perfect character for ushering your guests through a haunted house, this wise old chap has seen more than his fair share of supernatural events, darkness and depravity. Designed to add one foot to your height, almost anyone will seem imposing in this premium Halloween costume. The Night Terror Caretaker costume comes complete with an over the head mask, hand/arm extenders, and a long black, robe-like garment. Brilliantly crafted by inspired artists and designers at The Horror Dome, this classic ghoul has a permanent, devilish grin that exposes rows or sharp, pointy teeth, and dead-looking eyes that show no hint of empathy or compassion. Only the most intrepid trick or treaters will approach your home with The Caretaker standing watching over your front porch.

The Caretaker Features:

  • Comes with a Deluxe Oversized Mask, Hand/Arm Extenders, and Costume
  • Includes a mask and shoulders that add an extra foot to your height

The Night Terror Caretaker is a halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.