"Brown Werewolf Shoe Covers" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Brown Werewolf Shoe Covers" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Something has gotten into the henhouse, and it seems to be much more than a raccoon. You away from yur slumber and race to protect your flock, pitchfork in hand. As the barn doors swing open, you notice a hulking figure escaping into the night. All you managed to glimpse were his Brown Werewolf feet as he darted out the rear door. Is he on the run, or sneaking up on you from behind?

With the Brown Werewolf shoe covers from The Horror Dome, you'll have an amazing costume accessory that will top off a realistic outfit. One size fits most adults, these werewolf boot covers attach at the ankles with professional-quality velcro, and transform your footwear into boney animal feet. They feature tufts of brown fur, and pointy claws that appear razor sharp.

Shoot an indie monster movie with your friends, trick or treat around the neighborhood with your family, or simply take a few shots for social media and spend the rest of the evening on your couch with a bowl of popcorn and a horror classic. The choice is up to you.