"Bloody Resin Skull" Halloween Prop

"Bloody Resin Skull" Halloween Prop

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Hungry for every last morsel of flesh, the cannibal cleans his victims to the bone. As you enter his underground lair, you notice a bare femur, a cracked rib cage... evidence of the ghastly feasts that have taken place here. Suddenly, you find yourself in the main butchering chamber. To your shock, you spy a Bloody Skull. It seems as if this psychotic killer is still on the loose, and that he's just cleaned and devoured his latest lunch.

The Bloody Skull Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a cinema-quality prop that will make a wonderful addition to any collection of haunt industry merchandise. Hand detailed by talented artists, this resin skull looks shockingly realistic. Your visitors will think you've just stripped the skin off of an unlucky individual. Add another layer of disgust to a torture chamber scene in your haunted house, set the atmosphere at your spooky Halloween cocktail party, or mount this skull on your front porch as a warning to all those who may approach in search of candy.

A classic human skull, painted with real-looking blood splotches, your guests will do a double take when they encounter this disturbing prop.