"Bloody Marie Severed Head" HD Studios Halloween Prop

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All those who crossed Bloody Marie's path rue the day they gazed into her evil eyes. Murder, betrayal, torture, and deceit were this menacing maiden's favorite games, and she cared not with whom she played. Finally made to answer for her crimes, she was sentenced to death by the blade of the guillotine. Now permanently displayed in the town square, her decapitated skull serves as a warning to all those who kill for pleasure. The Bloody Marie Severed Head Halloween decoration is hand haired, painted and detailed for an unsettlingly lifelike look. In her angry expression, you can almost feel her swear revenge on humankind. She's a brilliant addition to any collection of macabre merchandise, and will be a popular attraction in your hall of severed heads. Place her on your front porch, and the neighborhood trick or treaters will think twice about approaching in search of candy. Prop her around a blind corner in your home, and watch you guests get scared senseless at the next dinner party.