"Blacklight - 18 inch Fixture with Bulb" Haunted House Lighting

"Blacklight - 18 inch Fixture with Bulb" Haunted House Lighting

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What's that faint glow coming from around the corner? A supernatural radiance from the netherworld? A radioactive isotope left decaying outside of its containment unit? Blacklight has an otherworldly effect on pure whites and bright, vivid colors. Set up a haunting display with occult symbols painted in electric pink, vibrant yellow, and loud green. Hit it with a splash of blacklight and watch it radiate with hypnotizing brilliance.

The 18" Blacklight Fixture from The Horror Dome is a pro-quality lighting device that will blanket a wall in your haunted house with this unique illumination. This easily mountable fixture comes complete with a blacklight bulb, and is ready to be installed and used, right out of the box. Whether you're constructing a chill-out room in your basement, or adding a new scene to your attraction, you'll find these well-made lights do the trick. Put a record on the stereo and stretch out on the beanbag chair, or welcome guests into a dark and disorientating chamber.

From concerts to parties, theatrical or home uses, these premium large 18" fixtures will get the job done. Add an exciting new lighting effect today.