"Black Afro - 22 Inch" Halloween Wig

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It's debatable where afros are totally back in style. Some people just seem to be able to make them work, while others cannot. Before you grow out your hair into a potentially glorious sphere of tight curls, try giving the look a shot with the 22"" Afro Wig from The Horror Dome. This Hollywood-quality costume accessory is one size fits most, and designed to look and move like real hair. It's a groovy do that will look right at home at the roller rink or disco club. Discover personality you didn't think you had with this amazing wig.

Whether you're putting together a throwback costume for Halloween or just goofing around with friends, this eye-catching wig is sure to make an impression on everyone who crosses your path. Spend the night showing off your moves on the dance floor, welcome kids to your home on Halloween, or simply take a few selfies for social media and retire to your couch with a bowl of popcorn and a copy of Saturday Night Fever. Go out or stay in, the choice is up to you.