"Big Top Clown" Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Big Top Clown" Costume (Adult Size)

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The traveling circus was full of happy-go-lucky jokesters until the clowns misread the map and set up camp above a toxic waste dump. When they awoke in the morning, something had changed. They mutated, grew large teeth, and became filled with the lust for human meat. Led by Big Top, they descended into a nearby town and devoured innocent victims until they were chased away by a mob. Now, they're on the loose, regrouping before they strike again.

The Big Top the Clown Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a shocking design that will freak out any passerby, whether they're scared of clowns or not. Featuring a hand detailed, over the head latex mask with green hair, clown makeup, and a menacing mouth, this is a cinema-quality costume that will leave quite an impression. In addition to the mask, this set includes a colorful clown suit, complete with ruffled collar and oversized gloves. Simply add your best pair of extra-large clown shoes, and you're all set for an evening terrorizing your neighborhood. Add a new character to the twisted big top scene at your haunted house attraction or go trick or treating with friends, the choice is up to you.

Costume includes Deluxe Massive Latex Mask, oversized stuffed gloves, ruffle collar and clown Suit. This is truly the Ultimate Clown Costume. ( Shoes not Included )