"Big Mouth Severed Head" HD Studios Bloody Halloween Prop

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Condemned for a crime he didn't commit, this old mad expected his throat to be slit, but the drunk executioner upholding the law, missed the neck by hair and hacked off his jaw. Now Big Mouth talks no more. His noggin set free from his decrepit body, and posted on a stake as a warning to all those who may cross the wicked Queen, slowly rots under the hot midday sun. Keep your nose clean around these parts, or else you may end up like our grey-haired friend. The Big Mouth Severed Head Halloween decoration is a unique Horror Dome original. It'll look amazing when displayed with a collection of severed heads, or when placed around a corner to spook an unsuspecting guest as they make their way through your haunted house. Hand detailed for a realistic appearance, he features brains and veins exposed from the underside of his skull.