"Beetlejuice" Halloween Wig

"Beetlejuice" Halloween Wig

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Whether you need a little help navigating the afterlife's complex bureaucracy, or just want to scare the wits out of the living, there's one ghastly ghoul who is always willing to lend a hand. However, with this terrible trickster, you may get much more than you've bargained for. Say his name three times in a row to summon him from the Netherworld. Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice...

The Hollywood-quality Beetlejuice wig from The Horror Dome will help you create a fantastic Halloween costume that will look like you've jumped off the big screen. An iconic comedic horror character, Beetlejuice will be a lot of fun to play as you entertain guests at your haunted house, socialize with party goers at the masquerade ball, or trick or treat with the kids.

With long, wiry white locks extending from a pale grey skull cap, the Beetlejuice wig is also great for crafting a classic mad scientist costume. Simply add a lab coat and a few scientific or medical instruments and get ready to begin your gruesome experiments. Place small cubes of dry ice in beakers full of colored water to make your laboratory come to life.