"Banshee - Curly Grey Hair" Halloween Wig

"Banshee - Curly Grey Hair" Halloween Wig

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Whose anguished shriek drifts over the moors at nightfall? 'Tis the ghoulish Banshee spirit who cries out in pain for all the lost souls of the emerald isle. These mythical maidens play many roles in folklore. They are in constant mourning for those who have died tragically, and may also be harbingers of impending doom. Some say their cursed cry can shatter glass, while others believe her constant keening can drive you insane.

The Banshee wig from The Horror Dome is a curly grey design that is perfect for capturing the look of these miserable spirits. Manufactured from high-quality materials for a realistic, lifelike look, these adaptable wigs are also great for a number of different characters. Wear them with everything from a simple black shroud to an eye-catching ballroom gown. Add a little fake blood around your neck for a Marie Antoinette costume, dress up as a wicked old woman with horn-rimmed glasses and imitation pearl earrings.

With this versatile costume accessory, you'll find it easy to come up with a number of unforgettable costumes. If you're fresh out of ideas, match it with the Edwardian Banshee costume from the Horror Dome for a surefire hit.

19 inch long curly gray wig. Finish the look of the Edwardian Banshee costume with this deluxe wig.