"Bag of Bones" Halloween Prop

"Bag of Bones" Halloween Prop

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Not much lives in the dungeon these days. Down here, there's just cobwebs, dust, and a Bag of Bones. Whoever this pile of skeletal remains used to be was an unlucky soul indeed. Left to die a slow death and decay into a heap of osseous matter, his story will never entirely be told. If he's like other victims of this cruel feudal lord, he was most likely executed for a crime he didn't commit. You have an eerie feeling he still haunts this dank chamber.

Create a spine-tingling scene at your next costume party with the Bag of Bones Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. This set of realistic looking human bones works great bagged up, or scattered around. It features a skull, hands, leg bones and a spine, as well as other assorted body parts. It can be the finishing detail that takes a torture chamber or dungeon scene to the next level, or can make a macabre centerpiece for a Halloween feast with your family and friends. Invent a detailed backstory for this lump of human remains, or let your guests fill in the blanks with their own imaginations.

The size of this item is 12" x 3.5".