"Bad Moon" Werewolf Halloween Costume

"Bad Moon" Costume

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You better watch your back when the full moon is out. The Bad Moon Werewolf is on the prowl, looking for his next meal. No one knows why seemingly ordinary people become transformed under the full moon's light, but everyone knows to keep their guard up on these frightening nights. Hurry home as quickly as you can, and hide indoors until the morning sun rises.

The Bad Moon Werewolf Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is the perfect look for a night of terror. Whether you're trick or treating with the kids, freaking out passengers on the spooky hayride, or just taking a few selfies for social media, this bone-chilling costume is up to the task. The Bad Moon Werewolf comes with an over the head latex mask, oversized latex wolf-hands, and a button-up brown shirt. Simply add a pair of blue jeans and footwear, and you're all set to scare the wits out of any kid brave enough to approach your door in search of candy. Dress up the family as a clan of wolf-people, or hunt solo until the morning light.