"Bad Fairy - Black and Red" Halloween Wig

"Bad Fairy - Black and Red" Halloween Wig

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Not all fairies are dainty, helpful sprites. Some of them have dark sides. The Bad Fairy has been known to play dastardly tricks on those unlucky souls who get to close. Beware her wicked game unless you're willing to pay the price.

Top off an excellent Halloween costume with the Bad Fairy Black & Red wig from The Horror Dome. This fabulous design features large pigtail buns, devious V-shaped bangs, with a few strands of loose hair draped to around shoulder length. Wear it with black leather clothing for an outfit that's full of personality and shows off your bad attitude. This versatile wig is ideal for any vampire costume, and looks fantastic with a long black cloak.

Create a modern, chic witch character and lead guests from room to room in your haunted house, or greet the neighborhood trick or treaters in style. Like all macabre merchandise from The Horror Dome, these premium accessories are made from quality materials. Put on an undead burlesque show, frighten the family, and be the star of the masquerade ball with a black and red fairy wig.