"Autopsy Ghoul" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Fresh from the morgue and spread out on the operating table, doctors were still trying to figure out this John Doe's cause of death when he was reanimated by a demonic curse. The unlucky medical examiner because his first victim when he snatched her scalpel and drove it deep into her cerebrum. Angry, depraved, and most of all, hungry for human meat, this ghastly ghoul is loose on the streets. Close the windows, lock the doors, and keep the shotgun handy. You never know what door he'll knock on next.

This macabre medical marvel has the cap of his skull removed, exposing his naked brain. Ripped flesh around his mouth (perhaps from biting off more than he could chew) gives him a mutilated maniacal appearance. Intense bulging eyes round out the look.

The Autopsy Ghoul Halloween mask will strike fear into the hearts of even the most hardened trick or treaters. Worn with a torn-up old suit, big black boots and zombie or monster arms, this spectacular creations will make a prize-worthy Halloween costume. Hand painted by the twisted artists at The Horror Dome, you'll be amazed at the ghastly detailing on this over the head design.

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