"Arm Amputation" Halloween Illusion Plans

"Arm Amputation" Halloween Illusion Plans

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There's nothing worse than a botched amputation. The screaming patient, blood, spurting all over the operating room, shards of bone sticking out... talk about a mess. Whether you're saving someone from a life-threatening infection, conducting a twisted science experiment, or punishing a perp for breaking the law, you'll find these easy to follow Amputation Plans make the job a breeze. Put them up on the wall in your unholy OR, and make sure your doctors know what they're doing.

Of course, Arm Amputation Plans from The Horror Dome are just for fun. Do not actually follow these disgusting blueprints. They're perfect for setting the scene in your haunted hospital or terrible torture chamber. These plans all feature a detailed diagram, a comprehensive rundown on materials needed, and even notes on how to perform the amputation.

Get your house in the season spirit before the big costume party, or add some wall art to the waiting area where guests gather before entering your haunted house attraction. The finest plans around, you'll find amputations are quicker and cleaner than ever with these smart diagrams.