"Angel Wings - White Feather" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Angel Wings - White Feather" Halloween Costume Accessory

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A symbol of all that is good, pure, and wholesome, the White Angel has a pristine reputation. Little do they know, this dreamy damsel has a few tricks up her sleeve. Don't let her heavenly looks fool you, she's much more than she seems. On Halloween, all bets are off. It's usually the most innocent-appearing among us who become the biggest tricksters.

The Adult Angel White Feather Wings are a high-quality costume accessory that will help you create a stunning look. Whether you're hitting a bumping costume party with your friends, or just taking a few Instagram-worthy pics and retiring to the couch with a bowl of snacks and your favorite monster flick, you'll find it's easy to look amazing with these realistic white angel wings.

The classic angel design, this amazing accessory is crafted by talented artists at The Horror Dome. Wear them with a white dress and add a halo prop, and you'll have an instantly recognizable look. Dress as a deceased historical figure or fictional character and pay tribute to a fallen hero or heroine. There are many way to play this familiar, yet multidimensional character.

White feathered angel wings. Adult size only.