"Angel Wings - Black Feather" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Angel Wings - Black Feather" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Tired of playing goody-two-shoes, the Black Angel is ready to cause a little mischief in this world. Perched on the shoulder of a conflicted brute with questionable morals, she directs him to swipe someone else's package off an unattended delivery truck. Whispering into a devious damsel's ear, she convinces her to pilfer a wad of 20s out of her friends purse. Sometimes being naughty feels oh-so-right. It's a feeling this dark angel knows perfectly well.

Entertain your dark side with the Adult Angel Black Feather Wings from the Horror Dome. These Hollywood-quality black angel wings will put the finishing touches on a Halloween outfit that is equally heavenly and pure, and evil and corrupted. Whether you're a troublemaker who loves to instigate conflict, or just looking for a unique style for the costume ball, you'll find it's easy to come up with a ravishing look when you pair a black dress or corset with these fabulous black wings.

Hit the town with a friend dressed in white angel attire for the ultimate pairs costume. Will good or evil prevail? On Halloween, it could easily go either way.

Black feathered angel wings. Adult size only.