"Amityville Horror - Jody Pig" Movie Halloween Mask

"Amityville Horror - Jody Pig" Mask

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The site of a ghastly murder, this quaint abode on the Long Island shore is said to be haunted by vengeful spirits. Considering this legend to be pure nonsense, you buy this beautiful estate for a bargain. Soon, the troubles begin. You're harassed, visited, and even attacked by supernatural beings from the land of the dead. Perhaps the scariest of them all is Jody, the pig demon. Watch your step or else you'll end up in her slimy slop tray.

Create an amazing costume with the Amityville Jody Pig mask from The Horror Dome. A popular evil spirit from the Amityville Horror series, this possessed swine is sure to turn heads at the next costume party. The Jody mask is a full, over the head latex design that will fit most adults. It features red, beady eyes, intent on murder, menacing sharp teeth that seem ready to pierce flesh, festering sores, and leathery pigskin. Whether you're freaking out kids on the spooky hayride, adding a new character to your haunted house attraction, or just looking for an unforgettable Halloween costume, this mask won't disappoint.

Full, over-the-head latex mask. One size fits most adults.