"American Werewolf in London - Jack" Zombie Movie Halloween Mask

"American Werewolf in London - Jack" Mask

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Listen to what the locals say, stay off the moors and beware the moon. The supernatural is shockingly real in this part of northern England. Jack and David found this out the hard way. After venturing into the unknown and failing to heed the advice of wise locals, they ended up victims of the brutish werewolf. Since Jack was killed in an unnatural fashion, his spirit cannot reach the afterlife. Instead, he haunts these lands until all of those inflicted with the werewolf virus are destroyed.

Fans of the classic film, American Werewolf in London, will love the highly-detailed American Werewolf Jack Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. This full, over the head design is made from premium latex, and hand crafted for an exceptionally realistic look. Jack has grey, moldy skin that's starting to peel away from his skull, a bloody wound on his neck, and is missing one eye. Though the old chap still has a full head of hair, he won't be winning any beauty contests anytime soon. Add a recognizable character to your haunted house, create a freakish costume for Halloween, or take home a fabulous piece of horror movie memorabilia with this stunning mask.

100% latex. Individually hand painted for the best look. Attached hair. Full, over-the-head mask. One size fits most adults.

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