"Alien Movie" Professional Full Size Sci-Fi Prop

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In space, no one can hear you scream. However, in this haunted house, you can hear guests gasping and shrieking from every frightening corner. As you enter the chamber of extraterrestrials, you feel goosebumps start to rise on your skin. Since a child, you've had a irrational fear of UFOs and abductions. As you enter the next room, those shocking phobias turn into real life, and you are practically paralyzed with terror. At the center of it all, the evil beast from the Alien series of films. This Full Size Alien Movie Statue Halloween prop looks exactly like the original creature used in production. It's a wonderful addition to any collection of science fiction, Hollywood, or scary memorabilia, will anchor an out of this world diorama, and make a great conversation started in your basement pub or home theatre. Crafted by The Horror Dome, it's intricately detailed for maximum realism.