"Alien Mind Control" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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After an invasion from a distant planet, grey aliens are taking control of helpless humans. Making your own decisions was so difficult, anyway. Now you're relieved of duty, as this otherworldly demo takes over your mind. Alien Mind Control agents are up to no good. They plan on murdering or enslaving all of humankind, creating bizarre hybrid beings, and robbing the Earth of all its precious resources. Welcome our new alien overlords, you really don't have any other choice.

A little grey alien sits at the controls and directs his human host to commit violent acts in the name of colonization. Blood seeps out of the victim's neck while the otherworldly devil fulfills his mission. Can this man be freed, or has too much of his brain been destroyed?

The Alien Mind Control Halloween mask is a one of a kind Horror Dome original. This over the head design features incredible detailing. Made from lightweight, yet durable foam, it's comfortable to wear as you circle the neighborhood causing mischief, dance at a bumping costume party, or entertain guests at an extraterrestrial-themed haunted house. A unique collector's item, this mask is popular among both fans of the macabre, and UFO enthusiasts.

Alien Mind Control Features:

  • Light weight, foam filled
  • Keeps its shape
  • Comfortable to wear