"70s Angels - Sandy Blonde" Halloween Wig

"70s Angels - Sandy Blonde" Halloween Wig

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When Charlie's got an assignment, the Angels take care of business. This Angels 70s wig in sandy blonde is the perfect accessory for your Jill Munroe costume. Made famous by the iconic Farrah Fawcett, this popular TV character will be instantly recognizable as part of a Charlie's Angels ensemble costume.

With classic, retro-style teased blonde hair, the Angels 70s wig from The Horror Dome is an adaptable look that can work for a number of different costumes. Wear it with large vintage sunglasses and a striking dress for a glamorous movie star outfit, or pair it with bellbottoms, a tight graphic tee, and old-school roller skates for a gorgeous roller queen look.

This attractive wig is made from premium materials for a cinema-quality, lifelike appearance. Create a damsel in distress character for your haunted house, or simply wear this stunning hairstyle around town when you feel like being someone different. Is it true that blondes really have more fun? Sport this fabulous look on your next night out with the gals and see for yourself.