"6 Foot Gorilla" Professional Hallloween Prop

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Plucked off a remote tropical island by mad scientists, this brutish primate is not adapting well to his new surroundings. Scared, homesick, and most of all, full of rage, this aggressive ape can barely be contained by steel chains. With the strength of a dozen men and a hunter's keen instincts, he could cause great death and destruction if he were set loose. Can any cage hold this burly behemoth? You certainly hope so. This Tall Gorilla Movie Display from The Horror Dome stands more than seven feet high. He'll tower over children at your haunted house. An imposing sight, this Gorilla is hand painted and haired by truly inspired (and slightly twisted) artists and craftspeople. The result is an unsettlingly lifelike look that will serve as the perfect centerpiece in a room of deadly animals. Featuring a ferocious mouth lined with razor sharp teeth, he's a terrifying beast who will induce nightmares in the local trick or treaters.