Night Drifter Halloween Mask from HD Studios Pro. Hand-painted vicious vagabond disguise with wiry hair, sunken eyes, leathery skin. Hollywood-quality latex construction for seamless look over costumes. Incredibly detailed lifelike appearance. Perfect for embodying serial killer characters.
 "Night Drifter" HD Studios Pro Mask - Unleash the Vicious
"Night Drifter" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask - Hollywood-Quality Halloween Mask - Expertly Handcrafted Horror
"Night Drifter" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask - Seamless Fit for Your Darkest Nightmare - Full Over-the-Head Design
"Night Drifter" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask
"Night Drifter" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

"Night Drifter" HD Studios Pro Mask

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"Night Drifter" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask: Unleash the Vicious Vagabond

Careful who you pick up on the side of the road. The Night Drifter is looking to thumb a ride straight into your darkest nightmare. Roaming from town to town, this vicious vagabond preys upon good Samaritans who offer him a lift late at night. Featuring wiry white hair, dead, sunken eyes that show no remorse for his countless murders, and pale leathery skin, he's a fiendish fellow with and appetite for torture and death.

Hollywood-Quality Halloween Mask: Expertly Handcrafted Horror

The Night Drifter is an original creation of The Horror Dome. This Hollywood-quality Halloween mask is hand painted and haired. A full, over the head style mask complete with chest plate, you'll have a seamless fit when worn with a shirt or jacket. Made from durable materials, this expertly constructed product will serve you well through many macabre masquerade balls or rocking costume parties.

Incredibly Detailed and Lifelike: Haunt Your Halloween

Incredibly detailed, it has a surprisingly lifelike look that will shake even the most hardened monster hunters down to their core. Haunt the truck stop, lurk around the bus depot, or stalk unsuspecting trick or treaters down Main Street. This frightening design makes an amazing costume, or addition to a ghoulish collection of props and artifacts.

Night Drifter Mask Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Made out of High Quality Latex
  • Hand Painted and Haired for Ultra Realism

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Halloween Masks Collection at The Horror Dome

Horror Dome Studios Masks

Your horror experts at the Horror Dome are proud to present you with a collection of high-quality Halloween masks to bring a new level of fright to your life. With our collection of ghosts, ghouls, aliens, cryptids, and more, you’ll be able to steal the show during your next masquerade ball, Halloween gathering or when you Trick or Treat.

All our Halloween masks for adults are fashioned from the highest quality latex by our terror inspired craftsmen to give the most realistic horror experience to everyone you encounter during your masked escapades. Each of our scary Halloween mask lines brings its own special flair to the design, from our movie-quality HD Studio Masks to our Ultra-Realistic Silicone Halloween Masks that turn your every movement into a fresh dose of horror to your costume.

If you’re looking for the perfect face for your next haunted costumed horror event, the Horror Dome has scary Halloween masks that are sure to steal the show.



We're filmmakers and love The Horror Dome...
Their costumes and masks are top notch - NOT AT ALL what you'll find at Walmart and other retailers. But surprisingly, the prices aren't bad, even for the highest end merchandise. Good customer support too. Thanks! -- Pete Jacelone aka "Dr. Lawrence" at THR Productions LLC and Lawrence Psychiatric Institute Productions.

Dr. Lawrence
Psychiatric Institute Productions.

I found The Horror Dome on a quick search for a certain type of mask. After looking through all the available masks I settled on three designs that I liked best and placed my order. These masks are extremely well made and the prices are tough to beat on this type of quality. I opted for 2 day shipping to ensure that I would receive them before Halloween. They arrived a day earlier than expected!! Holy smokes!! I will definitely be buying more and recommending The Horror Dome to others. Thank you Horror Dome for making the best holiday of the year so awesome!

San Antonio TX

I’m a big fan of Horror Dome’s product! I own many of the HD masks and I can honestly say I’m thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship of each piece in my collection! I appreciate that there’s no bait and switch with Horror Dome products.

Los Angeles, CA

Hands down one of the best experiences I've had with a costume store. My daughter prepared this amazing Halloween costume party and The Horror Dome made it truly come to life with their prompt delivery service (In time for Halloween) and the quality of their costumes. Thanks to The Horror Dome this is the service that make these events so memorable. I highly recommend The Horror Dome for your costume needs.

Houston TX 

I ordered a big foot costume from the horror dome and was very pleased. Very speedy customer service and high quality, durable product. Will be ordering future Halloween costumes and decorations from here!

New York, NY

Hi guys. I just want to say thank you for being so patient with me on the phone last week. I know this is most likely your busy season but you guys definitely came through on the costumes I needed for today. Everything is perfect. Thank you Horror Dome and your staff.

Whitby ON

Fantastic customer service! They know how to personalize your order and are really great at making you feel like a very private client. Five stars.

Brooklyn, NY

Great Products, they are a little more expensive then some of the other companies but I guess you get wat you pay for. I ordered 5 masks from and the quality was much better than what I received from other Halloween companies. I think I will be ordering the Infected Zombie costume soon and then I will write another review on what I receive. If you are looking for professional quality masks I think they might be the best.

St. Louis, IL

Great quality masks that are unique, unusual and original. Prices comparable to other retailers.

Miami, FL

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