"Ravenous Vampire Wolf" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask
Close-up of hand-painted, hair-laid Vampire Wolf mask details
Vampire Wolf Halloween mask - the nightmarish hybrid creature

"Ravenous Vampire Wolf" HD Studios Pro Mask

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Encounter the Nightmarish Hybrid: The Vampire Wolf

A supernatural monstrosity, this bloodthirsty beast roams the land in search of his next meal. Once stricken with an ancient affliction, this cursed soul became werewolf every full moon. Then, on one fateful night, while stalking the forest for prey in canine form, he was bitten by a vampire. The resulting creature is Vampire Wolf; a lightning fast predator with a frightening ferocious temper. Will he feast on your carcass, leaving nothing but a pile of broken bones, or suck your blood and damn you to an eternity as the living undead?

Craftsmanship Unleashed

The Hand-Painted, Hair-Laid Vampire Wolf Mask - A Horror Masterpiece

This Vampire Wolf Halloween mask features hand-laid hair and hand painted details. A true work of art, this Horror Dome original will be a main part of an unforgettable Halloween costume. With intensely focused, maniacal eyes, and a mouth filled with long thin teeth, he's truly a grisly sight to behold. Grey wolf hair and tough pale gray skin round out his look.

Perfect for Halloween, Haunted Houses, or Your Monster Memorabilia Collection

Scare the local trick or treaters, freak out passengers on the hayride, or send shivers down the spine of your guests at this year's haunted house. They make also an incredible addition to your collection of monster memorabilia, and are sure to turn heads at a costume party, anytime of year.

Vampire Wolf Mask Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand Painted and Haired

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