"Minister of Death" Value Halloween Costume

"Minister of Death" Costume

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Rumor has it, an evil cult meets in these woods every full moon. They congregate under the pale lunar light and conjure up tormented spirits from the netherworld to do their bidding. Leading this macabre mass is the Minister of Death. Be careful you don't stumble across this ghastly ritual, or you'll be sacrificed to his demonic overlord.

The Minister of Death costume from The Horror Dome is a full black velvet robe with an attached cape-let and adorned with golden trim. One size fits most adult men, this freaky robe is a complete costume, ready to go. Just add a little bit of makeup and a book of spells, and you're set to for a night of trick or treating with the kids, or partying hard at the masquerade ball.

An adaptable character, the Death Minister can be portrayed as a wicked wizard, a nefarious warlock, or a chaotic-neutral sage who doesn't necessarily act in the name of Satan. He makes a great addition to any group of occultist or Satanists in your haunted house, and is a wonderful costume for LARPing.

Black velvet robe with attached capelet and gold metallic trim. Fits most men up to size 44.