"Lace Cape with Wings - Red/Black" Halloween Costume Robe

"Lace Cape with Wings - Red/Black" Halloween Costume Robe

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Create a spectacular costume this year with the Lace Cape with Wings from The Horror Dome. This fabulous design features airy, lightweight black lace, and a classic red vampire collar. It's perfect for a number of delightfully spooky costumes, including a wicked vampiress, an undead vixen, or any Goth look. Simply pair with your favorite red or black dress, add some killer shoes or boots, and apply makeup. You're sure to be turning heads at the masquerade ball or costume party.

Whether you're an enticing, yet deadly mistress, the spirit of a recently departed damsel, set on revenge, or a misunderstood romantic who finds beauty in the darkness, you'll appreciate this durable wings, cape, and collar combination. Made from 100% polyester, it's durable and comfortable to wear.

Add a new, ravishing character to your haunted house, host guests in your home for a creepy cocktail hour, or hit the club on Halloween night, dressed to kill. Craft a quick and simple costume that won't soon be forgotten with this versatile costume accessory from The Horror Dome.