"Hooded Robe" Women's Halloween Costume Robe

"Hooded Robe" Robe

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Who is this mysterious maiden who seems to always be lurking on the outskirts of the party and intermittently disappearing into the shadows. You ask around and nobody seems to know her name. From the glimpses you've caught of her, out of the corner of your eye, she seems alluring and intriguing; darkly charismatic and wickedly enchanting. You down a cup of punch for courage and decide to strike up a conversation. Little do you know, you're only minutes from losing your soul for all of eternity.

Create a mysteriously ravishing character for the masquerade ball with the Hooded Robe Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This black hooded dress features a low cut front and extra large flared sleeves. It fits adult women up to size 16, and can be paired with a ghastly monster mask for a freaky look, or worn with a wig and makeup for a glamorous ghoul outfit. Entertain guests at your spooky cocktail party, chat up your major crush, or trick or treat in the neighborhood with the kids in this versatile costume.

Includes: Black Hooded Dress/Robe with low cut front and extra flared sleeves and Snake Armband. Fits up to Size 16.