"Grey Werewolf" Value Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Grey Werewolf" Costume (Adult Size)

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Remember to lock your doors tight with the full moon rises over the forest. The Grey Werewolf stalks these lands, looking for fresh meat under the pale lunar light. Any other time of month, this murderous monster is a mild mannered villager who minds his own business and wouldn't hurt a fly. But when the moon is full, and ancient curse takes over his body. Don't step outside during these fearsome nights, or you may feel his sharp teeth pierce your spine.

The Grey Werewolf Halloween costume from The Horror Dome features a realistic, hand detailed over the head mask complete with a furry chest plate. A tattered shirt and wolf hand gloves round out the look. Just add a pair of boots and some dirty, torn-up pants, and you're ready for a night on the prowl.

Socialize with other monsters at the costume party, scare the socks off of the local trick or treaters, or add a new character to your haunted hayride or mansion of the macabre. With this Hollywood-quality costume, you're sure to induce nightmares for weeks.

Adult standard fits up to 6ft, 200lbs.