"Decaying Zombie" Value Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Decaying Zombie" Costume (Adult Size)

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One day you're 6 feet under, rotting in peace, the next thing you know, you're reanimated and searching for juicy human flesh. Such is the life of the undead. This decaying dude doesn't have much more than a primordial pea brain to guide him as he stumbles through town looking for dinner. Best to avoid him at all costs, unless you're ready for a violent fight. Once he smells you're sweet, intoxicating odor, he'll stop at nothing until he gets a bite.

The Decaying Zombie Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a full body design that will help you freak out the local trick or treaters. Whether you're dressing up with friends as a horde of walkers, or going stag to the big costume party, you'll find this high-quality design has you looking as if you just crawled out of the grave. Fitting up to men's size 44, this set features a zombie mask, torn shirt that displays rotted flesh, and ghoulish skeletal hands.

Creep out kiddies on the spooky hayride, or add a new character to your haunted house attraction. This Halloween costume is sure to induce nightmares in all who cross your path.

Pants with Zombie Thigh and Knee Bones, Zombie Mask, Shirt with rotted flesh chest and skeletal forearms and Skeletal Gloves. Fits up to size 44.

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