"Big Top Clown Suit - Multicolor" Value Halloween Costume

"Big Top Clown Suit - Multicolor" Costume

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Don't clown around with your look this Halloween. Whether you're crafting a ferocious killer clown costume that will send you coulrophobic neighbors running for the hills, or looking for a colorful and happy character to entertain children at birthday parties and other events, you'll find the Big Top suit from The Horror Dome is up to the task. This instantly recognizable design features a wavy red collar, rainbow striped panels running horizontally, and puffy white pompoms where buttons would normally be. Simply add oversized clown shoes, a colorful wig, a little makeup and a red rubber nose, and you're ready to go.

From evil alien zombie clowns to the jovial jokesters at the circus, there are many amazing ways to wear this premium clown suit. Add a devilish new character to your haunted house, make a buck on the side with some slick balloon animal skills, or dress up with your family as characters from the circus and trick or treat around town. However you choose to wear it, the Big Top clown suit is sure to impress.

Multi colored cotton clown suit. Add your own clown mask hands and shoes to complete the look. One size fits most.