"Groundbreaker Ghoul" Fog Machine Cover Prop

"Groundbreaker Ghoul" Fog Machine Cover Prop

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It's a still, warm autumn night and a full moon beats down on the valley. Across the street you hear a faint rumbling coming from the graveyard. Since you've got a couple beers in you and nothing better to do, you decide to go investigate. As you examine the ground you notice the grass beginning to undulate. What is this, you wonder, a mole burrowing through the earth? Suddenly, the answer is clear; a Groundbreaker Zombie rises from his grave and grabs your ankle.

The Groundbreaker Fogging Ghoul Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a remarkable, hand detailed design. Crafted to be placed in front of a gravestone, it looks like this dapper demon is pulling himself up to the surface. Batter-powered, his eyes light up and his head turns. Attach a fog machine (sold separately) to complete the effect. Pair him with other Groundbreaker Zombies for a cursed cemetery scene, or place him on the side of the path that leads to your front door. Local trick or treaters will think twice about approaching your home on Halloween night.

Groundbreaker Fogging Ghoul, head turns, eyes light up and sound. Optional fog attachment, Requires 3 AA batteries (not included) Size: L27" X W64" X T9" IA227 Fog Machine sold separately.