"Dracula Grave Walker" Graveyard Halloween Prop

"Dracula Grave Walker" Graveyard Halloween Prop

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You can bury the good Count under six feet of dirt, but when he gets hungry for fresh blood, nothing can stand in his way. Seems it's feeding time for this tenacious vamp. He's dug himself out of the grave and is ready to suck the first person he sees bone dry. You better spilt before he completely frees himself, or else you may end up spending eternity as his undead minion.

The Dracula Grave Walker prop from The Horror Dome will make a great addition to any cemetery scene. Whether you're putting together a seasonal display on your front lawn, or at your place of business, or creating a spooky burial ground at your haunted house attraction, you'll find this popular prop is easy to set up, and looks remarkably realistic. Simply rest him in front of a grave stone, and he'll look like he's about to emerge from the ground. This classic Dracula design has slicked back black hair and a traditional vampire collar. With a tux top and white dress shirt, he's truly a dapper demon. Pale skin, black fingernails, and white bowtie, and pointy canines round out his ghoulish, yet sophisticated look.

Torso and pair of arms made of rigid foam that appear to be crawling out of the grave. 11 inches high,32 inches long, 23 inches wide when assembled.