"Witch" Hanging Halloween Decoration - 60"

"Witch" Hanging Halloween Decoration - 60"

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Be careful my pretties, please watch your step. You'd hate to bump into my deranged sister. A ghoulish Witch who cannot be negotiated with, once she sets her sights on you, you're a goner. Tiptoe silently through the night, and keep from stirring her. She's always extra hungry when she awakes.

The Hanging Witch Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a 60"" tall, life size prop, designed by talented artists and craftspeople. She's a classic ""old hag"" style witch with intense eyes, wrinkled grey-blue skin, and a large hook nose. She's wearing a long, flowing gown, and features posable arms. Position her in a closet and illuminate her with a strobe when the door is opened. Drop her from the ceiling when unsuspecting guests walk into the room, or hang her on you porch as a warning to all the local kids who might try to play a trick on you this year.

Whether you're adding a new scene to your professional haunted house attraction, or just hoping to get your home or storefront in the holiday spirit, this ghastly gal will get the job done.

60 x 54 x 5"