"Spider Web Bag - 8.4oz" Haunted House Decoration

"Spider Web Bag - 8.4oz" Haunted House Decoration

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It doesn't seem as if anyone's ventured down in this subterranean passage in decades. Dank and moldy, its stone walls feel damp and cold. Your flashlight flickers as you trek deeper into the chamber. As you turn the corner, you feel thick spider web brush against the side of your face. You wonder what atrocious arachnids manufactured this sticky, disgusting web.

Put the final touches on a terrifying scene with Spider Web from The Horror Dome. Each bag features 8.4oz of top-quality fake cobweb. It's great for both indoor and outdoor use, and looks even better than the real thing. Make any room feel old, gross, unkept, and unexplored. From a castle dungeon, to a vampire's lair, a witch's cave or a number of other spooky settings, a little spiderweb decoration is essential.

Drape some webbing on your front porch and set the mood for a Halloween full of scary costumes and frightened trick or treaters. Make any costume party or masquerade ball more festive, or deck out your movie room for a night of horror classics.