"Red Eye Ralph Painting" Haunted House Decoration

"Red Eye Ralph Painting" Haunted House Decoration

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In this hallway, you'll find a portrait of all the demons, ghouls, and monsters who once called this macabre mansion home. Notorious for his bloodlust, Red Eye Ralph is fabled to have killed more townspeople than all of the other owners put together. While he was in charge, from 1903-1915, he abducted, tortured, and consumed many thousands of villagers, travelers, and passing soldiers. Then one day, he was just gone. Nobody knows what happened to Ralph, his body was never found. Some say he still lurks in the dark corners of this sprawling estate.

Create a ghastly gallery of goons with the Red Eye Ralph painting. Hand painted by talented artists at The Horror Dome, each one of these striking portraits is a unique creation. Ralph is a murderous wolf/demon hybrid with a vicious mouth and creepy pointed ears.

Get your home in the Halloween spirit, draw attention to your business, or add him to your collection of haunt industry merchandise. Display him along with other petrifying portraits, or mount him by himself. You'll appreciate the detail and craft on this stunning wall art.

Paintings measure 24in x 36in. CUSTOM FRAME. MOUNTED - READY TO HANG!