"Mini Flash Strobe" Haunted House Lighting Effect

"Mini Flash Strobe" Haunted House Lighting Effect

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Create a creepy, disorienting effect in your haunted house with a Mini Flash strobe light from The Horror Dome. This classic effect uses pulses of bright light to give a stop-motion effect to your actors and animatronics as they lurch forward at your guests. Both time and speed seem to be altered by these powerful splashes of light. Set the strobe at a longer intervals and create a slow-motion effect as an actor in a swamp creature costume stumbles through a dense layer of fog, or set the light to blink quickly for a jarring experience.

With the Mini Flash strobe light fixture, you'll have a variable speed design that's good for a million flashes or more. A handy mounting bracket makes installation a breeze. Whether you're looking for an overhead effect, a burst of strobe coming from behind a window, or a rapid splashes of light spreading across the floor, this versatile lighting fixture can make it happen.

Compact, yet forceful, this effect will put the finishing touches on any terrifying scene. Take your lighting game to the next level with this amazing strobe light fixture.

This is a 20 watt, variable speed mini strobe. 100million flashes. Complete with mounting bracket. UL approved.