"Lustful Loletta Painting" Haunted House Decoration

"Lustful Loletta Painting" Haunted House Decoration

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Every cow poke from San Antone to Carson City knows the legend of Lustful Loletta. She would lure cattle hands into her camp with promises of roast chicken, strong whiskey and female companionship. Once she had them separated from their fellow buckaroos, she'd slit their throats in a satanic ritual. Eventually, she started to become part demon herself. When she was finally rounded up, she was barely recognizable.

The Lustful Loletta painting from The Horror Dome is a hand created masterpiece. She features a Mexican-style sombrero hat, a jacket that looks like if was swiped off of one of Custer's men, and a bandana tied around her neck. Half her face is decomposing and one of her eyeballs is drooping out, while a thin cigarette hangs from her lip.

Create a ghastly gallery with Loletta and other paintings, or think up a unique story for this western widow-maker. Guests at your haunted house will enjoy ogling these demented works of art and reading entertaining ghost stories about them while they wait in line, or as they enjoy a drink and the end of your attraction.

Portrait is hand painted for the most realistic look possible. Paintings measure 24in x 36in. CUSTOM FRAME. MOUNTED - READY TO HANG!!