"Ghost Bust - Vampire" Animated Haunted Projection Prop

"Ghost Bust - Vampire" Animated Haunted Projection Prop

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Be warned before you embark on this undead adventure, that you may never be the same. Some things, so ghastly, so gruesome, and so appalling, can never be unseen. As you close your eyes at night, the images of depravity, anguish, and pain will flash through your mind. If you do manage to sleep, terrible nightmares will tear your subconscious apart. Despite this warning from the Vampire Ghost Host, your morbid curiosity gets the best of you, and you wander into the unknown.

The Vampire Ghost Host animated bust from The Horror Dome is an unforgettable special effect that's perfect for greeting guests at your haunted house this season. Featuring a life size bust, projector and remote, this creation is easy to set up and operate. Hauntingly lifelike, he'll be a favorite with your visitors.

Add some big-budget effects to a small time operation, or take a large professional commercial attraction to the next level. Get attention for your business, or bring home a special treat for the brave trick or treaters who approach your porch on Halloween. The Vampire Demon projection bust is sure to impress.

Includes life-size bust, one routine (Vampire), 2500 lumens projector, professional mount, and a projector remote control for easy setup and operation!