"Ceiling Tapestry" Haunted House Decoration

"Ceiling Tapestry" Haunted House Decoration

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Set the right mood for a spooky costume party with the Spiderweb Ceiling Tapestry decoration from The Horror Dome. If you're a pro at throwing parties, you know atmosphere counts for a lot. From eerie lights, to creepy, yet fun music, goth-style candle holders, tablecloths and curtains, every detail matters. You put a lot of thought into your decorations. Don't forget to do something interesting with you ceiling.

This Ceiling Tapestry looks like a giant spiderweb. It's 5' x 10' and features attached spiders that dangle down towards your guests. It will instantly transform any ordinary apartment, boring parlor, or humdrum rec room into a festive and fun spot to party. Throw a sophisticated masquerade ball complete with romance and intrigue, or host a bumping party where the libations flow freely and the dance floor is packed all night.

Deck out the entranceway to your business and show your clients that you have a fun side, or add a little flair to your restaurant around the Halloween season. These fantastic tapestries also look amazing on your wall, or draped from the porch overhang.

Measures 10 feet by 5 feet and includes 8 spiders.