"The Creature" Professional Halloween Prop

"The Creature" Professional Halloween Prop

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Years ago, the government was pretty loose with environmental rules. Years of dumping toxic sludge in the bayou may have saved Southern Chemical Co. millions of dollars, but it gave birth to a mutant creature who lives to hunt and slaughter whatever animals it can get its hands on. Now, the dark corners of the swamp are off limits to anyone who values their life. A few brave monster hunters have sought this legendary beast. None have returned.

The Creature haunted house statue from The Horror Dome is a Hollywood-quality prop that will have your guests shrieking in terror. A classic swamp-thing-type beast, this imposing animal stands over 6 feet tall. Half fish, half human, it has grey-ish pink/purple skin that looks wet and oily. The monster's face is ready to attack, and features rows of sharp teeth. Once you encounter this freakish fish-man, you'll never forget his cold, murderous gaze. Prefect for any haunted house attraction, this exceptional design is hand painted and detailed by talented, yet twisted, artists and craftspeople. The Creature really does look like it was swiped off a movie lot. Add a new character to your inventory today.