"The Count" Professional Halloween Prop

"The Count" Professional Halloween Prop

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The man of the house, The Count greets every visitor to the haunted mansion with a snarl and an outstretched boney hand. This estate has sure fallen into disrepair, but he doesn't seem to mind. As long as he has fresh prey in the town below, he'll be happy. As you explore dank and dirty abode, you wonder how many more vampires lurk in the shadows and keep a nervous eye peeled for any suspicious motion.

The Count haunted house statue from The Horror Dome will make a freaky and frightening addition to any professional haunted house attraction. Hand crafted, detailed and painted, this semi-posable statue is incredibly lifelike. Standing at 6' tall, he's an imposing sight, especially when accenting with motion triggered lights and fog. The Count has a menacing expression, pale grey skin, and blood from a fresh kill dripping off his lips. He wears a white dress shirt and bow tie, under a black cloak with red trim. He's an iconic vampire design that feels eerily familiar and completely disturbing. Set an unforgettable scene, or attract customers to your business around Halloween, with this fantastically ferocious statue.