"Bigfoot" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume
"Bigfoot" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume
"Bigfoot" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume
"Bigfoot" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume
"Bigfoot" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume
"Bigfoot" HD Studios Pro Costume

"Bigfoot" HD Studios Pro Costume

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This hulking beast is known among cryptozoologists by many names. The American Bigfoot, the Canadian Sasquatch, the Yeti of Nepal, the Yowie of Australia, and the Pendek of Indonesia are just some examples of this creature and its many apparent cousins. With so many myths and rumors surrounding the Bigfoot, it was clear that our team of researchers had a job to do. The reports they sent back from the Hoh rainforest ranged from curious to the downright disturbing, but after months of hunting this creature they had turned up only rumor and folklore.

Until one fateful night spent in the forested valleys in the cleft between Mt Olympus West Peak and My. Carrie. They had been days out of civilization, seeking any form of evidence when the gentle rains of the Olympic Peninsula turned into a raging torrent. So heavy was the rain and quickly rising fog that the team got separated for hours before finding their way back to base camp. Most of them anyway.

One of the interns had gone missing, and an intense search was started the next day. His backpack was found lying at the base of a steep incline, one arm torn off and its contents scattered. Among them, his camera. While what ultimately happened to him is unclear, what is known is that the last image on his camera brought us one of the clearest images of Bigfoot we’d ever seen. Said image has since been stashed among our sealed files after having been perused by our designers.

Here we have the result, a hulking apelike beast of a Bigfoot costume towering a terrifying seven and a half feet. The size was a conservative estimation based on features visible in the background of the photo. To recreate the lifelike appearance and experience of being near one of these beasts the arms have been equipped with extenders, and the outfit can increase the wearer’s height by up to a foot. The fur and skin of this costume have been expertly designed to reflect the real thing, and completely disguise the wearer’s eyes behind the fur of the chest. The only thing missing from a fully recreated experience is the pungent aroma that is said to surround these wildmen. Take care wearing the Bigfoot costume in the forested wilds; you may find yourself chased by avid believers!

Our Movie Quality Sasquatch / Bigfoot Costume Features:

  • Fits people from 5'10" to 7' tall, from 180lbs to 320 lbs
  • Makes you up to 1 foot taller
  • Costumes comes with fur suit, mask with inside latex helmet (vision window is in the neck), Big foam filled hands with wooden dowel holders which allow for a longer reach, feet and muscle suit.

As seen on CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, Inside Edition, and many other TV news stations, the Sasquatch Bigfoot Costume is a movie quality Halloween costume offered by the experts at the Horror Dome. See the outfit that fooled the world in 2008, when two Georgia men fooled multiple national news networks.

Customer Reviews:

"Your Bigfoot Costume is Great"

"I don't do this very often but I have to tell you how great we think your Bigfoot costume is. Being in the costume industry it boggles my mind how you can sell these costumes at the low price you offer them at. The hair work and paint job are amazing. Please keep up the great work. You have a customer for life." ★★★★★  S. Reynolds


"Amazing Costume" 

I was waiting for the Bigfoot costumes to come back into stock since they were sold out last year and as soon as the were available again I placed my order. I received it in 3 days and I have to tell you the quality is amazing. It was well worth the wait especially for the price offered. As a professional Haunt owner we have already scared 7 of our staff members and we can't wait to see how many customers we will scare with the beautiful costume. Horrordome is an awesome company and I would just like to say thank you for a great product. ★★★★★ M.Bamburger

"My life is now perfect"

Just received your Bigfoot costume, I'm speechless. This costume is going to look cool on a mannequin in my movie room. Nice job!!! ★★★★★ D. Begetti

"Unbelievable Bigfoot Costume"

I just got my Bigfoot costume and I have to say this product is highly detailed, well constructed, Fits awesome! Definitely be buying more products soon. If you need anything Halloween this is the right place for you!!! ★★★★★ A. Saluse

"Great customer service, great costume"

I ordered a big foot costume from the horror dome and was very pleased. Very speedy customer service and high quality, durable product. Will be ordering future Halloween costumes and decorations from here! ★★★★★ C. Tasnady

"Movie quality Bigfoot"

This Bigfoot costume is insane. Right out of the box I knew it would be a hit at the haunt I work at. Wearing this costume I feel like a 600 lbs. beast. Well worth the money. Thanks Horror Dome! ★★★★★ J. Kendrickson

"I'm Bigfoot"

I'm Bigfoot what else can I say about this amazing costume.  ★★★★★ R. Reed

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