"Phantasm the Goblin" Professional Halloween Prop

"Phantasm the Goblin" Professional Halloween Prop

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Long before humans settled here, an ancient race of Goblins called these mysterious woods their home. Worshiping a cast of evil gods with occult rituals and bloody sacrifices, these forest dwelling goons were said to have gone extinct hundreds of years ago. As you walk back to your campsite at night after a quick skinny dip in the lake, you notice two glowing eyes in the brush. Could it be one of these woodland goons somehow survives? In an instant, the eyes disappear. The Phantasm the Goblin Halloween decoration is a Hollywood-quality prop that will have guests at your haunted house or scary hayride shrieking in fear. Crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, this pint sized monster stands four feet tall, features demonic glowing red eyes, and a hand painted face that looks shockingly lifelike. When an unlucky patron turns a dark corner and bumps into this menacing imp, they'll be in for quite a fright.