"Hybrid Lycan Wolf" Halloween Monster Prop

"Hybrid Lycan Wolf" Halloween Monster Prop

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Often confused for the common werewolf, the Lycan Wolf is a similar hybrid man/dog creature. Whereas a werewolf's transformation from human to beast is uncontrollable and triggered by a full moon, the Lycan is able to take wolf form whenever he or she desires. Of course, this really makes no difference to you as you bolt through the dark forest with one of these apex predators on your trail. Soon you tire and your pace slows, and the hungry brute moves in for the kill. The hybrid Lycan Wolf Halloween statue is a Hollywood-quality creation crafted by professional FX artists for The Horror Dome. Fully haired, and hand painted with attention paid to the smallest detail, this prop offers a shocking level of realism. A memorable centerpiece for your haunted house, your guests will gaze upon this statue with uneasy curiosity. At over seven and a half feet tall, he's a formidable foe.