Horror Movie Masks


When you’re looking for a classic fresh-from-the-silver-screen look for your horror extravaganza, you need to look no further! This line of Halloween masks contains a host of familiar faces officially licensed for production by The Horror Dome, and we’re howlingly happy to bring them all to you for your Halloween festivities. Each of these horror movie masks is a faithful remake of a horror movie main-liner, crafted from a high-quality premium latex that brings them to life.

Among our collection can be found the aged and iconic Michael Meyers mask from the 2018 remake, as well as the Halloween 2 version for those looking for a more classic look. Did Jeepers Creepers leave you filled with chills? Then this mask is the perfect addition to share those frights with others. If, like us, the horror of the swine from Amityville stuck with you for years, then its time to share that with your guests and friends.

The horror doesn’t stop with Halloween either. Why not liven up Christmas this year by showing up in a Krampus mask to remind everyone of when St. Nick wasn’t so Jolly? The only limitation is your imagination.

68 products

68 products