"Predator - Deluxe / 2-in-1" Movie Halloween Mask

"Predator - Deluxe / 2-in-1" Mask

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You don't expect the most feared hunter in the universe to travel half the galaxy to hunt humans, only to leave without a kill. Who knows how long it took the Predator to get to Earth, but one thing's for certain... he built up quite a bloodlust on his way. Only the bravest, toughest, and strongest can escape this perfectly evolved killer. Are you one of them?

With the Predator Deluxe Halloween mask from The Horror Dome, you'll have an amazing 2-in-1 design. Whether you're looking to add a new character to your professional haunted house attraction, create a fearsome look for the costume party, or scare the wits out of the local trick or treaters, you'll find this highly detailed mask will do the trick.

The Predator Deluxe mask is a latex design that features a closed mouth, maniacal eyes, and dreadlocks. When it's time to do battle, attach the plastic mask and you're ready for business. This cinema-quality creation will make a wonderful addition to any collection of sci-fi or horror movie memorabilia. Take home and iconic alien monster today.

This unique latex mask offers some separate dreadlocks, deluxe paint job and closed mouth mandible so the included plastic Predator Helmet can fit into place.