"Werewolf Chest Plate - Brown" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Werewolf Chest Plate - Brown" Halloween Costume Accessory

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When we say ""bring a silver bullet"" we mean more than just a six-pack of light beer. These woods are beautiful and mystical... and home to a breed of Brown Werewolf. When the moon is full, afflicted individuals from the nearby towns come out here to transform into violent beasts. If you're trekking through this area, you must come prepared.

The brown Werewolf chest plate from The Horror Dome is a Hollywood-quality costume accessory that will help take your wolf-man look to the next level. This intricately detailed latex design attaches with back straps. It's perfect for wear with a unbuttoned flannel shirt, an unzipped hoodie, or any other top that exposes your chest. Half-man, half-beast, this design features bulging pecs and powerful-looking abs.

Put together the an incredible look for terrorizing passengers on the spooky hayride, or entertain guests at your haunted house attraction. Take home first prize at the local costume contest, and turn heads at the masquerade ball. Pair this chest plate with a brown werewolf mask by The Horror Dome, and add a few tattered clothes and latex wolf hands. Trick or treaters will think twice before asking you for candy, that's for sure.